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Easy parenting hacks for an awesome summer

Updated: Jul 23, 2023

Young child playing in beach sand

Yay summer is here! Here are a few awesome parenting hacks for you this summer:

  • Apply sunscreen with a make up brush for less mess. This is so simple and really does cut down on sunscreen messes - for everyone involved. And you can hand wash the brushes with warm water and dish detergent as needed; leave to dry overnight or out in the sun.

  • Keep bubble solution in the bottle by taping the container to a table leg. This super simple hack extends fun with bubbles for kids! By taping the open bubble solution bottle to a table or chair leg, kids can dip and blow bubbles without the inevitable spills (and tears!).

  • Keep cold treats cold in an insulated stainless steel water botte. Kids love popsicles and freezies in the summer, but how do you keep them cold when heading outdoors to the beach, park, or in th car? Easy: pack them in an insulated stainless steel water bottle and they will stay cold for hours. This is especially helpful when on a budget - your kids can enjoy cold treats (from home) rather than you spending on expensive ice cream or popsicles when away from home. Enjoy :) Keep reading for my #1 favourite stainless steel water bottle for kids.

  • For colder - and better tasting - water, use an insulated stainless water bottle. For long days outdoors, keep water colder and better tasting with an insulated stainless steel bottle. There are no worries about forgetting water bottles in direct sun or the hot car which can make water taste like chemicals; stainless steel is designed to stand extreme temperatures and they are dishwasher safe! My #1 favourite stainless steel water bottle for kids is Thermos Funtainer. They are reasonably priced and my son has used these daily for more than three years - they hold up amazingly! And no leaks...ever. Plus, both bottle and lid is dishwasher safe. Check out the huge selection of designs and licensed characters like Paw Patrol, Spiderman, Little Mermaid, and more :)

  • Make a moveable sandbox. First, find a large, flat storage container with wheels (like the type that slides under a bed or cabinet) and a lid - see here on Amazon. Fill with play sand, drop in some toys, and snap on the lid. You've now got a portable sandbox for the backyard, park or grandma's house :)

Wishing you a great - and easy - summer with these parenting hacks.

Credits and thank you: At Home with Shannon and Today's Parent.


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